Welcome... it is an honor to have you here. No matter what your life experiences might be, each of us carry both positive and negative energy patterns in our bodies and our consciousness. I am here to serve as a guide to help you gain a greater insight and awareness to your inner self by clearing those patterns that do not serve you positively. All is revealed to me through your Higher Self, and I am privileged to be a channel and facilitator for your healing.

About Jana

I describe myself as an Intuitive Healer and Guide. Briefly, that means I work with higher energies to clear your mental, emotional and spiritual bodies. Through this energy work, I facilitate releasing the spiritual debris we all collect over time and that often can hold us back in our lives. This debris can take the form of old habits; mental patters or emotional blocks that are not serving us well…

An empathetic ear supported with positive energy and good vibes helped to put me back into the right frame of mind. I’m not one for traditional therapists, Jana’s approach is much more spiritual in nature which is better suited to my needs.

Victor C., Los Angeles

What to Expect

Whether you are new or experienced to energy work, in-person or over the phone, my process in working with you is equally effective. I am always guided by what your Higher Self is telling me; meaning, I am clearing through you, and there is no preparation needed from your end…


Through our work together, you will feel how your energy directly forms and creates the reality you are experiencing, perhaps for the first time in your consciousness. Through this process I will explain to you the ‘Beings of Consciousness’ which I use to help guide me; and among them are: The Seven Sacred Flames, Ascended Masters, Angels, and more. Every reading is slightly different and tailored to your unique HigherSelf, so where we begin our reading may be very different from where we are guided to go throughout our session.
I welcome you with an open heart and look forward to tapping into your spiritual power together!
"I have been using Jana's services for almost 8 years and continue to do so at least once a month. She always gives great advice and provides comfort to me." April T., Edmonton Alberta Canada


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FREE 15-MINUTE PHONE SESSION Still unsure of whether an Energy Session is right for you? I invite you to experience a 15 minute Session.  This “mini” session will quickly give you insight as to how I work with clients, and what energy work can do for you. Book now

* Mini readings are done by phone only


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Bringing the heart of the matter to any question.  Allow awareness into your life and the power that goes with it.

Half hour session

Price: $80

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45 minute session

Price: $100

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One hour session

Price: $120

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Clearing a space of negative energy will ensure those who are occupying the space, will feel a sense of protection, comfort and all around positivity. It is essential to one’s well being to keep a space cleared of all negative energy.

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Up to Half Hour of Clearing

Price: $80

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Up to One Hour of Clearing

Price: $100

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Cancellation Policy/Late for Session

24-hour notice must be provided when canceling a session. I allow up to a 20-minute grace period. If the session starts late it will be completed at its scheduled time. Past 20 minutes the session is considered fulfilled and no refund will be provided.