From the moment the session begins, I am already tuning into your energies through our HigherSelves. You are then given an opportunity to bring a subject of choice forward, however it is more common and desirable to allow our HigherSelves to direct and define what needs to be cleared throughout the session.

Our outer world is a reflection of the inner self. As I listen to your inner dialogue through your Higher Self, I can assure you there is no guesswork from me involved; and this helps the individual to see his or her own psychological profile. In only a matter of minutes I am able to trace the patterns to the core of what created them in the first place. As the reading progresses I can psychologically understand the whole aspect of what is going on within the inner consciousness of the individual. Once the HigherSelf reveals the patterns, they automatically go into a clearing. The clearings are facilitated by higher levels of consciousness, which I refer to as ‘Beings’ in the Universe that know and deeply love us.

The experience is different for every individual, but after even a single session many people say they feel lighter and freer. My clients report feeling more aware and ultimately have a better understanding of what is going on in their lives. To break it down one step further: clients gain an immense amount of awareness, wisdom and insight into their inner world and are guided in a gentle and non-judgmental way to be mindful of what needs to change in order to continue on the path of healing.