A belief that is imprinted upon the subconscious mind during an emotionally charged time.  You or someone else can create imprints within you. This can be found as early as one’s conception.  I often find many of us have been imprinted through out our childhoods, which have a lasting affect on our lives until we have them energetically cleared.

For example, perhaps you were born during a financially burdened time, and a member of your family said to your mother or both parents, “You shouldn’t have a child.  You can’t afford it.  How will you ever provide for it in these trying times?”  As a result of this conversation, you may have given yourself an imprint that you should not have been born because you were a financial burden on your parents.

Genetic Beliefs:  These are made up of the beliefs a person’s parents and grandparents have established, and which the person inherits through the genes.  The programs can be passed on for as many as eight generations.  For example, if your own illness programs reinforce the genetic programs, you can run the diseases that your parents or grandparents had.

Definition taken from Robert E. Detzler’s book called Soul Re-Creation.