Many of my friends see therapists, but I prefer to work through my problems with Jana. She’s helped me manage feelings of overwhelm, heartache, death and much more. Jana had such a positive impact on my life that I continued to work through my challenges with her by phone for over five years before meeting her in person! She leaves me feeling calm, hopeful and empowered.
-Seema, Toronto, ON

“I call Jana my spiritual counsellor. She has helped me negotiate some big challenges in my life – divorce, relocation across continents, changing jobs and family relationships. She is a wise and trusted advisor who has helped me cut through the clutter to see things in a clearer way and find the strength to get to the solution. Thank you, Jana!”
-Jo, Calgary, AB

“Jana has a true gift. She connected with me over the phone in a matter of seconds, pinpointed exactly what was going on with me. I continue to work with Jana for tremendous healing and clarity. ”
-A.B, Edmonton, AB

” Jana is able to read my energy–where I am and how things may be affecting my day to day life. We have “cleared” many issues. I like that we do all our work over the phone at my convenience. I am never pressured. It is good to have issues confirmed in a positive and to get suggestions on possible avenues for growth.”
-Fay B, Red Deer, AB

“Jana allowed me to connect with myself. She guided me and brought hope to my heart and soul.
I am blessed and happy to have had her with me during my journey and moving forward. Thank you!”
-Jennifer S., Toronto, ON

“I am so blessed to have met Jana at this time in my life! I went to her home and spent a most wonderful afternoon with her. She did an amazing healing/clearing for me that day and she also put me in touch with my father, who had passed away, some thirty-two years ago! Jana told me something that only he would have known about me, which had a very profound effect on me. It was truly one of the happiest days of my life. I am so happy to have attracted Jana into my life. I truly feel like a new woman and have a whole new outlook on life! Thank you Jana!!!”
-G.H, Edmonton, AB

“Visiting Jana for a session always leaves me feeling lighter, happier and with a greater sense of clarity. It’s one of the most positive and healing things I’ve ever experienced.”
-A. Bauer, Edmonton, AB

“Jana has helped me through my ups and downs in all facets of my life – work, personal relationships, family, past lives and my health. Having someone like this in your corner really helps you get through the tough times when things don’t feel clear and you can’t seem to find the lessons. She really just helps to wash that all away so you can keep moving forward in your life.”
-A.S.,Toronto, ON

Have you had an experience with Jana that you’d like to share? Please leave a comment below and let us know what Jana has done for you.

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