Even as a child, I remember having telepathic and precognitive abilities and experiences (awareness of future events). As I grew older, I began to consciously develop these gifts and I started looking for ways to expend and further grow them. Over the years, and thousands of clients later, my innate awareness has evolved, turning a calling into a career.

I describe myself as an Intuitive Healer and Guide. Briefly, that means I work with higher energies to clear your mental, emotional and spiritual bodies. Through this energy work, I facilitate releasing the spiritual clutter we all collect over time and that often can hold us back in our lives. This debris can take the form of old habits, mental patterns or emotional blocks that are not serving us well. While every session is different for each person, the commonality among clients is that our readings bring clarity to every level of consciousness. Through our work together you will begin to let go of old, negative habits and patterns while also growing spiritually in the process; and by releasing what is holding you back, you can move forward with greater ease. You can expect to not only feel happier, but also gain a deeper insight into your authentic truth, which I believe helps us align with living a more purposeful and fulfilling life.

With love and light, from my being to yours,