You instinctively sense the energy of places where you spend time. Just like people, the spaces we spend time in are imprinted by the energies that people project into the space. Clearing away negative energy will ensure a positive environment for all who enter or reside within the space that is in question. I am able to find and clear the energies that created the negative environment in the first place. This can easily be accomplished over the phone.

Ideal times to clear the energy in a space:

  • Before moving in
  • When opening a new business
  • After an illness
  • After a change or upheaval
  • When things feel stagnant
  • Anytime you can sense or feel uneasiness within the space.
  • Any traumas that have been experienced in the home

How will you know its time to do a Space Clearing?
You will know it’s time to have your space cleared when you feel a sense of unease, depression, or unrest in the space you are occupying. A space should feel comforting, protective, balanced and give a sense of safety and comfort.